Souvenir Tobacco Company

Souvenir Tobacco Company Limited (STC) is one of the leading tobacco companies of Pakistan. It was incorporated in Karachi in 1956; however due to proximity of tobacco, it shifted its production facility to Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly called North West Frontier Province) in 1988.

STC is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of cigarettes in the domestic market. In addition, the company also has its own tobacco threshing and re-drying facility, along with various depots and warehouses for storage and ageing of tobacco.

The company has successfully competed for many decades with the multi-national tobacco companies operating in Pakistan. Its flagship brand ‘Melburn’ has been one of the top selling brands in its category since its introduction in 1981. Our commitment to quality, a superior blend and taste, a strong distribution network,and skilled and experienced human resources are some of the key factors responsible for our continued success.

Due to an improvement in the quality of its crop along with an increase in global demand for tobacco, Pakistan has now become a leading producer and exporter of Flue Cured Virginia Tobacco (FCV). With a vast experience in tobacco spanning across five decades and three generations, STC is now focusing its efforts towards become a leading exporter of FCV tobacco. In order to achieve our goal,we are aggressively pursuing opportunities for partnerships and international joint ventures (JVs).

A professional attitude and customer centric focus are necessary for any business to be successful in today’s competitive environment. Combine this with our long standing reputation for honesty and integrity and you have a win-win formula.

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