The types of tobaccos produced in various parts of Pakistan with their common usages are as follows:

Types of TobaccoBotanical SpeciesPopular NameArea Where GrownUsage
Flue-cured (FCV)TabacumVirginiaKhyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) & PunjabCigarettes
Light air-curedTabacumBurleySwatCigarettes
Light sun-curedTabacumHookahPunjab & SindhHookah
Dark air-cured (DAC)TabacumDark air-curedPunjabCigarettes, Biri
Semi-orientalRusticaWhite Patta (WP)KPKCigarettes, Hookah
Dark sun-curedRusticaNaswarKPK, Punjab & BaluchistanSnuff / Cigarettes

There are 17 grades of FCV, 5 of WP, 7 of DAC and 14 of Burley type tobaccos. For more details on the various grades and for other information, please visit the Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB) website at

With reference to FCV tobacco, upon the leaf maturing, leaf picking is done by the farmers on plant position basis and the harvested leaves are cured in the flue-curing barns. After completion of curing, the cured leaf is graded into 17 grades prescribed by the PTB which are based on plant position i.e. bottom, middle and top. After grading, it is offered by the growers at the purchase centers of tobacco companies for sale. Tobacco offered for sale is appraised by the company’s buyers, assigned grades and given prices not below the minimum ones notified through the PTB for each grade.

The stocks purchased at buying courts are shipped for redrying and processing to the redrying plants of the respective tobacco companies. The redried and processed tobacco is thereafter either used in domestic industry for manufacture of cigarettes after aging or for export purposes, which STC is currently focusing on.